Our team offers you a variety of options depending on your needs. From picking a simple paint color to designing a home from start to finish. Contact us today to reserve an appointment and start to change your life one room at a time.

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Home Staging

Stand apart from the rest with exquisite spaced to help sell your home faster than your competition. Staging services vary from accessories to full room design.


Color Theory

Color is eveything. It dictates your mood and your life. Let Be Brilliant Design guide you to a truly harmonious home or office through the correct use of color.

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Interior Design and Space Planning

Renovating an existing or building from scratch, Be Brilliant Design pulls all of the right elements together to create just the right space for you.

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Lighting Design

Elements of lighting make a space feel larger, smaller, cozy or cold. The Be Brilliant Design team has the tools to select the right fixtures for your spaces to create the look and feel you are striving for.

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Home Organizing and Declutering

Life’s possessions can become overwhelming. Be Brilliant Design can help you find all the right spaces for your precious things.


Holiday Decor

Make your sparkling holiday decorations extra special this year. Our design team will make the most of every light and twinkle to help bring out the seasonal joy in your home or office.