New Year, New You

After all of the boxes and bows have been recycled and the confetti has been swept away, its time to look ahead to the infinity of possibilities that lie ahead. How do you even begin with the choices that await you. Well, a good start is to clear the color palate. Start fresh, start stark, start clean! Go neutral, go white… Take away all of the holiday excess and colors and bring in cozy neutrals, calm spaces for January. Get a feel for your goals, aspirations, moods, constitutions and see where your mind takes you as you browse all thats in store. Pretty soon we’ll be perusing all that spring has to offer. But for now, bundle up and hope for those cozy, snowed in, hot cocoa days with those nearest and dearest!

Some ideas to rediscover YOU!

By: Brandon Bransford


Remove the extra from your space…

Go Stark! Remove all of the extra from your spaces. Take away the tchotchkes, knickknacks, baubles and fancy trinkets adorning your table tops and shelves. Leaving the larger and fixed items of course. After a bit of time, bring back what you miss, replace or leave off what you don’t. Clearing out what isn’t you for the new year!


Go neutral, go calm...

Go white, go neutral, go calm. Try bringing in light colors to start the new year off. Like a blank piece of paper for all of your aspirations to take flight or launch off of! Pillows, blankets, candles, anything that makes you feel the calm of a new era. White, light can symbolize a beginning. I like to do this and imagine all the endless possibilities a new year can hold!


Take the time to feel your space…

Take the time to feel your space after you’ve “cleansed” the kaleidoscopic holiday merriment. Have that tea, cocoa or hot toddy and enjoy the quiet that winter brings. You’ll notice your surroundings more and get a feel for any changes you’d like to bring in or edit from your beautiful abode.


Imagine color that inspires…

Spring is just around the corner. After you’ve cleared, cleansed and cathartically decluttered your space take note as where you’d like to go next. Will you be feeling a southern garden full of flowers approaching, are you more in a tropical mindset or perhaps more of a neutral minimal but lush succulent vibe. Maybe imagine the colors or lay a fabric remnant down here and there to see where you want your year to go. What colors inspire you? Do you want to stick to a more neutral palate? There are so many options of course..don’t rush and why not get a feel for several to see which will give you your best space yet!

Don’t forget about the outside…

Don't forget about your outside spaces just because it’s cold. Warm weather is only a mere few months away, for us Southerners anyway. For us Southerners it never really ever goes too far away thankfully!! But carry your thoughts to those spaces too. As soon as it warms even slightly you know its porch time! Bring the inside out with your color scheme and be ready for those outdoor dinners!!

Color can change your life

Color can change your outlook. Change the color of a room to white or a cooler, lighter color to make it feel bigger. Painting one wall a shade darker that the the rest of the room will make it receded and the room will feel bigger. Red makes you hungry and blue makes you calm. To find out more about color and how to use it to change your world you can read more Here : Read More

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